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Financial Services

Adapt and prosper

At Plancorp Capital, we build long-term relationships with our clients, we act with transparency and objectivity – we are flexible, uncomplicated, agile – our proposal is to provide a high value-added service at competitive costs. We develop customized financial solutions that enable our clients to adapt to market conditions and thrive in any scenario.

Financial Advisors

What makes us different?

In the Investment Banking Area , first,  We deeply understand the moment of the Company and the Entrepreneur and the conjunctural and strategic issues that impact the business. Then, together with the Entrepreneur and his team, we review the Business Plan in different scenarios and only then define the best capital structure to comply with the prepared plan. Based on the capital structure, we will define the Investment Vehicle and the best debt and/or equity instrument for raising funds from the capital market. We ended with the structuring of the operation and the capitalization of the company.

In the Wealth Advisory Area , first of all, we understand the stage of life in which the Entrepreneur and his Family find themselves. From there, we analyze the corporate, fiscal and succession context of family assets in Brazil and abroad. Then, the individual risk profile of the holders of this equity.  Only after these steps will we delve into the analysis of the current portfolio and design the strategy for allocating net resources to different asset classes. We seek to maximize profitability in a manner compatible with the desired risk level and liquidity horizon - in Brazil and abroad. We also advise companies on applying their liquidity.

In the Venture Capital Area, we are entrepreneurs, advisors and investors. This sets us apart from other market players. We have the practical expertise of the entrepreneurs, the methodological knowledge of the advisors and the clinical perspective of investors on risk and return. We transfer this know-how to companies and entrepreneurs looking for capital, in addition to the capital itself.


Investment Banking

In the Investment Banking area, we are a FINANCIAL DISINTERMEDIATION PLATFORM, providing access to the best and largest capital managers (Investors) in the market (Brazil and USA), with whom we structure and enable creative and customized long-term debt and venture capital operations.

We also directly access several Strategic Investors (Companies) who are looking for opportunities in mergers, sales and acquisitions of companies.


Wealth Advisory

In the Wealth Advisory area, we provide a complete solution to take care of the assets of Entrepreneurs and their Families -  from Structuring the Family Office and its Investment Vehicles to Managing the Liquidity Portfolio on an Open Platform.

We have access to a wide range of Investment Products in Brazil and abroad. We also offer unique investment opportunities in real estate and companies.


Venture Capital

In the Venture Capital area, we take advantage of Plancorp Capital's extensive experience and networking to provide “Smart Money” to real estate entrepreneurs (Construtechs and Proptechs)  and financial (Fintechs).

We support entrepreneurs from the initial investment rounds to the partial or total realization of value with strategic investors or the capital market.

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