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Wealth Advisory | Value offer

In the Wealth Advisory Area, first of all, we understand the moment of the Entrepreneur and his Family. From there, we analyze the corporate, fiscal and succession context of family assets in Brazil and abroad. Then, the individual risk profile of the holders of this equity. 

Only after these steps will we delve deeper into the analysis of the current portfolio and design the strategy for allocating liquid resources, in different asset classes, to maximize profitability in a manner compatible with the target risk level and liquidity horizon - in Brazil and abroad. We also advise our clients on illiquid assets such as real estate and businesses.

Wealth management

  • We define the strategy and invest in the best on shore and off shore products according to your profile

Exclusive investment funds

  • We structure illiquid and liquid funds as exclusive vehicles for your investments. 

Investment platform

  • We operate on high-tech open platforms in Brazil and abroad.

Property engineering

  • We organize your assets

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