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Plancorp Capital is a Financial Services and Investments company that operates in three synergistic and complementary areas: 

Investment banking :  Structured debt or equity capitalization operations via capital markets and mergers & acquisitions (M&A).

Wealth advisory:

Advice on wealth management for entrepreneurs and their families in Brazil and abroad.

Venture capital:

Proprietary investments in the “Club Deal” format in start ups in the financial and real estate segments.

In the Investment Banking area, we are a platform for accessing the best and largest capital managers (Investors) in the market (Brazil and USA), with whom we structure and facilitate creative and customized long-term debt and venture capital operations. We also directly access several Strategic Investors (Companies) who are looking for opportunities in mergers, sales and acquisitions of companies.

In the Wealth Advisory area, we provide a complete solution to take care of the assets of Entrepreneurs and their Families -  from Structuring the Family Office and its Investment Vehicles to Managing the Liquidity Portfolio on an Open Platform. We have access to a wide range of Investment Products in Brazil and abroad. We also offer unique investment opportunities in real estate and companies.

In the Venture Capital area, we take advantage of Plancorp Capital's extensive experience and networking to provide “Smart Money” to real estate (Construtechs and Proptechs) and financial (Fintechs) entrepreneurs. We support entrepreneurs from the initial investment rounds to the partial or total realization of value with strategic investors or the capital market.

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