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Policy on the use of cookies

Through our website and blog, we indirectly collect your non-confidential information through cookies.

In this type of situation, it is not possible to identify you as the data subject. Due to the privacy protection characteristics that are natural to the internet, when collecting this data automatically, what we get is an anonymous user code ID, access IP, type of device used for navigation, date and time of navigation, country of origin and other general information such as that which we can view in analytics software.

Cookies can also be used to store some information filled in on forms, such as your city and state. Thus, we know your preferences and facilitate your navigation. Likewise, cookies are used to keep a login session active and prevent you from having to fill in your password multiple times when accessing a restricted area. We may record the session ID in a specific cookie for this purpose.

This type of collection, natural from the internet, often does not depend on Elkkon Engenharia's will, but it is necessary for the proper functioning of plug-ins and tools. You have the right to restrict access to cookies or to surf anonymously by configuring your browser yourself. Please note that by restricting your access to cookies or anonymous browsing, some functionality on the website or blog may not operate satisfactorily.

In addition, search engines such as Google and social networks such as Facebook or similar may provide plug-in-style tools, which connect to the website to generate information through cookies and display related advertisements. The fact that you visit a website and, in another channel, are impacted by advertisements referring to the same products or services, does not mean that you have been identified. Most of the time, this type of action is carried out anonymously, based on your browsing profile, without revealing your identity.

If you prefer, you can disable or limit the use of cookies directly in your browser. See how to proceed for the main ones:
  Microsoft Edge
  Mozilla Firefox
  Google Chrome
  Apple Safari

For more details, you can consult our
  Privacy Policy and Data Processing.

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