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Privacy Policy and Data Treatment


This Privacy Policy and Personal Data Protection, which integrates the General Terms and Conditions of Use of the Site, contains information on the collection, use, storage, processing and protection of data from individuals and legal entities (“Visitor”)  that access Plancorp Ltda, trade name “Plancorp Capital”, headquartered in Curitiba/PR, at Rua General Mario Tourinho, 1733 Room 405 Seminar CEP 80.740.000, enrolled with the CNPJ under number 05.189.91/0001-16 ( hereinafter referred to as “Company”) through the Website  ("Site" or "Platform"), with the purpose of demonstrating absolute transparency on the matter and clarifying to all interested parties about the processing of data and how the Visitor can exercise their rights in accordance with the General Data Protection Law (“LGPD”).

Plancorp Capital follows the privacy policies required by the General Law for the Protection of Personal Data - LGPD (Law No. 13.709/2018) and also any other applicable laws or regulations related to data processing and protection, such as the Marco Civil da Internet (Law 12.965/2014).


​ All data collected by Plancorp Capital, for any of the purposes stated below, will not be kept any longer than necessary. Data collection takes place directly or indirectly and generates the treatment explained below.


DIRECTLY - when you fill in data in different forms, for example:

> Contact page

> Newsletter subscription


In these situations, your data will be received in the mailbox of the commercial department and stored in a database, so that we have security in case the email fails.  

The information will be used to adequately respond to your inquiries and, eventually, to send an email/newsletter with news about Plancorp Capital.

If at any time you no longer want to receive communications from Plancorp Capital, understand that an improper use is being made, or simply wish to modify or delete your data from our database, please send an email to  – the response period is 2 working days.

INDIRECTLY - without being asked, automatically:

> Through browsing cookies

> Through tools such as Google Analytics and similar

> Via third-party plug-ins that run from your browser

In this type of situation, it is not possible for us to identify you as the data subject. Due to the privacy protection characteristics that are natural to the internet, when collecting this data automatically, what we get is an anonymous user code ID, access IP, type of device used for navigation, date and time of navigation, country of origin and other general information such as that which we can view in analytics software.

This type of collection, natural from the internet, often does not depend on Plancorp Capital's will, but it is necessary for the functioning of the aforementioned plug-ins and tools. You have the right to restrict access to cookies or to surf anonymously by configuring your browser yourself. Please note that by restricting your access to cookies or anonymous browsing, some functionality on the website or blog may not operate satisfactorily.

In addition, search engines such as Google and social networks such as Facebook or similar may provide plug-in-style tools, which connect to the website to generate information through cookies and display related advertisements. The fact that you visit a website and, in another channel, are impacted by advertisements referring to the same products or services, does not mean that you have been identified. Most of the time, this type of action is carried out anonymously, based on your browsing profile, without revealing your identity.

For more details, please also see our Policy on Use of Cookies.


Our content is not intended for children. Please be advised that we do not maintain content on our website or blog for children under 12 years of age. Access by teenagers (aged 12-18) must be authorized by a responsible adult. We do not collect, store or follow up business contacts with any underage individual. If you are not of legal age, we ask that you do not fill out our forms or subscribe to our newsletter.


Plancorp Capital never shares data with third parties, except under the conditions described above and those required by law, such as for the regular exercise of rights in legal proceedings or otherwise. Plancorp Capital maintains a very strict data control policy with all the information we collect. Does not sell or share information with third parties


However, to send newsletters or commercial contact, activities mentioned above, Plancorp Capital eventually inserts the collected data into shooting tools. Furthermore, it hosts the website and tools in data centers worldwide.


All companies mentioned are merely data sub-operators contracted by us. As such, data will only be processed for the purposes established herein.


If you suspect that your data is not being used properly, want it not to be stored in any of these tools or need to change it, at any time, send an email to  – the response period is 2 working days.





  Plancorp Capital declares that it signs, with all its direct collaborators, an accessory term to the employment contract that addresses our privacy policy and adherence to the laws of privacy, anti-corruption, professional secrecy, non-competition and others. Our employees, of course, can have contact with data collected from our customers and commercial contacts. It remains safe, however, that the obligations assumed here extend directly to our employees, who keep the same obligations to us. ​



Plancorp Capital maintains, with a specific group of suppliers, contracts that have a very strict form about data privacy, especially with respect to obligations foreseen in the LGPD. Such suppliers do not have access to all the data collected by us, but only to those necessary to perform the subcontracted task, in a specific way. Plancorp Capital will do everything in its power not only to protect the data collected and under-operated, but also to apply the penalties of the law to indirect employees who do not meet the required compliance or incur in a breach of privacy.


Plancorp Capital maintains a very open policy regarding the collection and use of data from its customers and persons who establish any business relationship with us.

If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy and Data Treatment, please contact us at any time or, preferably, use the mailbox  to talk directly with our Compliance Officer. Our response time is 2 business days. If you need more urgent contact, please call the contact numbers available on our website.

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