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Real Estate Operations

Credit Operations with Real Estate Backing and Demobilizations via the Capital Market.

Build to Suit

Structuring of financial solutions for financing commercial projects in Build-to-Suit character. Custom construction at a closed price for corporate tenants.

Development of Commercial Enterprises Via CRIs

Financing of commercial development projects and acquisition of commercial properties via Certificates of Real Estate Receivables (CRI's).

Corporate Demobilization via Real Estate Funds and CRI's

  • Real Estate Fund - Establishment of a Real Estate Investment Fund (FII) as an advantageous alternative for loading properties for use by the client.

  • Sale-Lease Back - Term sale of properties for the client's use to the Real Estate Fund and rental of the same properties back to the client, generating deductible rental expenses for income tax purposes.

  • Securitization - Securitization of credits from the sale-leaseback operation, generating cash for the client without encumbering its balance sheet and with important tax advantages.

  • Buy Lease - Purchase of rental assets in accordance with the order of corporate clients.

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