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Família feliz na floresta

Property Engineering

We organize your assets


  • Investment Vehicle Structuring:  Holdings, Trusts, Foundations, Funds  Exclusives, SPEs and SCPs: On and Off Shore.

  • Other corporate instruments 


  • Tax Model - Family Tax: Opportunities, Incentives, Legal Loopholes

  • Structures for Minimizing Tax Incidence - Tax Recovery

  • Conciliation and Optimization of the Income Statement for family PFs and for Family Office Vehicles.


  • Investment Vehicle Management Accounting Support (Outsourced)


  • Personal CFO

  • Consolidated Financial Reporting and Strategic Analysis

  • Family Cash Flow

  • Risk Management and Insurance (Outsourced)


  • Family Succession Planning • Retirements (Planning and Implementation)

  • Property Protection, Usufructs, Donations and Wills

  • Coaching for Families in Investments and Business Management


  • Functions, Hierarchical Structure and Operational Dynamics

  • Family Council: Operating Dynamics

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