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Long-Term Debt Fundraising 

Structured Debt

  • Simple and Convertible Debentures

  • Bank Credit Bill (CCB)  

  • Real Estate Bank Credit Bill (CCB - I)

  • Real Estate Credit Bill (CCI)

  • Commercial Promissory Note (NPC)

Debt Convertible into Shares

Debentures Convertible into Participation in the Company "Mezzanine Financing" - Debt whose balance can be converted based on predetermined criteria of the company's performance, by a liquidity event or breach of "covenants" that trigger early maturity or conversion.

Receivables Securitizations

  • Certificates of Real Estate Receivables (CRI)

  • Agribusiness Receivables Certificates (CRA)

  • Certificates of Financial Receivables (CRF)

Project Finance

Fundraising in the "Project Finance" modality, that is, through self-financing projects, or "Corporate Finance" with the main development and development institutions in Brazil and abroad: BNDES BRDE, BASA, SUDENE, FINEP, MIGA/IFC, BID , DEG/KFW, OTHERS.

Distress Finance

  • Assessment and Negotiation of Doubtful Credit Portfolios.

  • Evaluation, Approval and Negotiation of Federal and State Precatório.

  • Negotiation and Sale of Debt with Banks and Financial Institutions for Investment Funds

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