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Venture Capital for the Expansion or Restructuring of Companies. Sale or Merger (M&A) and IPO

Venture Capital (EQUITY)

Plancorp Capital has solid experience in advising companies on capitalization by Private Equity funds:


   Experienced and Diversified Strategic Vision for Business Understanding.
   Techniques for Maximizing the Value of Companies and Projects.
   High Level Access to Private Equity Funds in Brazil and abroad
   Matching the Fund's Profile to the Company's Need.
   Knowledge of the Dynamics and Techniques of Trading with Funds.
   Support in the Development of Legal and Fiscal Instruments for Closing.

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)


In the M&A area, Plancorp Capital acts in all the necessary steps for the successful completion of operations:


   Approach and Presentation Protocol.
   Business Evaluation.
   Transaction Negotiation and Structuring.
   Development of Memorandum of Understanding.
   Due Diligence Monitoring.
  Support in the Development of Purchase and Sale Agreement or Merger Agreement and Other Legal Instruments.

Going Public (IPO)

Plancorp Capital advises companies to go public:


   Implementation of Corporate Governance.
   Strategic Planning and Business Plan.
   Formal Presentation and Valuation.
   Selection of Advocacy and Underwriting Banking.
   Support in Due Diligence and Legal Preparation.
   Support in CVM Registration and Listing 
   Support in the preparation of the Offering Prospectus.
   Support in the Road Show Investors Brazil and abroad.
   Capital opening.

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